Mint Manhag


Mint Manhag

An educational portal providing the Sudanese curriculum for all elementary and secondary classes from fourth an upward in a fun joyful way with exercises, games and interactive labs.

Subscribe to one of Mint Mangah bundles
  • Daily bundle for 3 SDG
  • Yearly bundle for 100 SDG
    • Enriched content to explain textbooks for grades from fourth grade basic to third grade secondary for Arabic language, Islamic education, social studies, computing, information technology and science, English language, technical education and other Sudanese curricula.
    • Supporting the self-education process and the use of learning strategies by trying and making use of right and wrong.
    • Developing the student's intelligence, stimulating his thinking, activating his mental abilities, and supporting modern learning strategies
    • Making the teaching process more enriching and interesting by using audio, kinetic, visual, reading and writing effects.
    • Pay for the subscription with your balance in Sudani.
    • This service is exclusive for Sudani network subscribers
    • Play on any device PC, Mobile, Tablet and Smart TV.
How to subscribe:
  • Access the platform through the link
  • Create a new account with your e-mail
  • Choose the class and enter your phone number to subscribe
  • You will receive a short message from Sudani containing the confirmation code, please enter it in the space provided in the application to complete the subscription process
  • You are now successfully subscribed to the service and can enjoy the service
How to cancel a subscription
  • To cancel the subscription to the service, log into your account on the platform, then choose to cancel the subscription and make sure that the service is canceled
  • Upon canceling the subscription, a short message will be received from Sudani

Then add “اشترك الآن” button that redirects to subscription page (
• This service is exclusive for Soudani network subscribers
• The service is available for prepaid subscribers.
• The service can be accessed from all devices, a smartphone, tablet device or even an ordinary computer.

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