Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables Corporate to connect with their various branches and establish their own private networks.

Customers looking for National VPN services, Implemented over Sudatel MPLS network enabled with state of the art technology, high resilience, enhanced customer care services. The service provides wide coverage of Sudan, offering consistent features.



MPLS VPN provides a high degree of flexibility and scalability, being designed to support full meshed or hub-and-spoke customer configuration. MPLS VPN درجة عالية من المرونة وقابلية التوسع ، حيث تم تصميمه لدعم تكوين العميل المتشابك أو المحوري.


The service is specially designed to tailor various requirements, easily allowing deployment of different network topologies, increasing capacities, adding new locations, new applications;


The service offers the same features across Sudan, with no manipulations of customer CoS, enabling seamless integration with customer intranets;

High efficiency

Through the dynamic bandwidth allocation feature, the customer can maximize the use of the service, allowing higher bandwidth consuming applications additional throughput to the bandwidth contracted, when other applications consume less and the overall transmitting capacity is below the service bandwidth value;


The service is built on a redundant and fault tolerant backbone, designed for congestion avoidance and backed by industry leading SLAs. The network security architecture is built on multiple layers to provide maximum protection, while the network survivability derives from MPLS fully meshed nature


The MPLS Switching VPNs technology offers the same level of security as connection-oriented VPNs. Packets from one VPN will not inadvertently go to another VPN

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