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Anghami Plus

Anghami is the biggest music store in the region. Discover, list, and download music from a library that of millions of Arabic, Sudanese and International songs, as well as classic oldies, Create music charts for every minute of your day and share it with your friends just with Anghami Plus.

Anghami plus bundles
  • إشتراك يومي (الحصول على يوم واحد مجاناَ, ثم 40 جنيه/اليوم)
  • إشتراك أسبوعي (الحصول على 3 أيام مجاناَ, ثم 300 جنيه/الأسبوع)
  • إشتراك شهري (الحصول على 7 أيام مجاناَ, ثم 900 جنيه/الشهر)
  • Prices are tax inclusive and are renewed automatically until subscription is canceled
  • The service is available for prepaid subscribers
To subscribe:
  • Subscription is made through the Anghami app by clicking on the Update button at the bottom of the screen and choosing to pay from Sudan. Or through Anghami's online website, by entering the settings, then choosing to subscribe and choose a method of payment from Sudani
  • Then enter your phone number, your phone number, in the space provided in the application or website
    • You will receive a short message from Sudani containing the confirmation code, please enter it in the space provided in the application to complete the subscription process
  • You are now successfully subscribed to the service and can enjoy the service
To cancel:
  • Sign in to your account on Anghami
  • Go to the setting page and select the subscription section, click on Sudani plan Manage and click Cancel subscription.
  • When you unsubscribe, you will receive a short message from Sudani
    Then add “اشترك الآن” button that redirects to subscription page (
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