Development opportunities for employees

We provide competency based learning for all of our people across all business units, through bespoke training programmers. We develop and grow our people in an environment that fosters continuous learning, which contributes towards self-growth as well as meets the organization’s needs.

“We value our colleagues and their contribution to the success of the company and celebrate our achievements together, rewarding performance deliverables and CREATE OUR OWN BOX OF THINKING that makes a measurable impact. We are very passionate about creating an outstanding customer experience that is meaningful and engaging, and are committed to providing our colleagues with the latest technology, skills, experience and digital development to make this happen.”

Wellness facilities

We believe that health – both physical and mental – is strongly correlated to happiness and productivity. To promote healthy living at work, we have an in-house equipped gym at our employees.

Work life balance

Flexibility of your working day and manage work life.

Phone calls and data

As an employee, we will give you free data and an additional data SIM to keep the whole family connected.

Happiness and fulfilment

We believe the best way to cultivate talent is to provide an environment that contributes to an employee’s sense of fulfilment Also, to create a more meaningful work experience, we try to contribute and give back to the community through different volunteering and social development initiatives. To learn more about our CSR activities.

Medical insurance

We want to ensure our staff are always offered the best health service available. To that end, all permanent staff and their family receive private health insurance benefits.


Talent Development Strategy

Sudatel Group is strongly committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best talent. One of our key Talent Development objective is to identify the learning and development needs of its employees and to provide them with the right capabilities to deliver business priorities. Each employee is undertaking a well-defined Career Pathway, through customized Individual Development Plans that are set-up and executed on annual basis.