0#*4* بالاتصال على
Depending on the offer feature.
By Transfer credit, recharging cards, Grooshi service or E-banking apps
Internet speed is a participatory speed and varies from area to area according to the number of concurrent users.


By visiting nearest Customer care center & Clean required financial dues.
• *#444 • الاتصال بي 6120 • عن طرق الصرافات الآلية ATM • عن طريق خدمة قروشي • الدفع الإلكتروني عبر البنوك المتعاقدة مع الشركة
You can activate Bolt on packages By calling *444#
The package can be changed on any day during the month if the new package is higher. The full rent will be calculated for the new package if the transfer takes place before the 16th of the month and half of the rental value after that date. When converting to a lower package, the transfer will take place at the beginning of next month.
Yes, you can freeze the monthly fees account and SIM services for a specific period when visiting the nearest center to you.


By calling the code *303*amount*the recipient number*0000#
Yes, using the code *0*the receiving number# The cost of the conversation will be billed to the receiving number.
Either the recharge cards or balance transfer Online payment E.Bank Across machines or applications.
It's possible to subscribe to the higher packages for the same service during the month without obstacles, and the package or the lesser ones in the period cannot be repeated until after the end of the current offer period.
Through the offer activation code or by *6#
The same package cannot be repeated, but other packages can be activated
Go to the nearest customer care center and verify the ownership of the number through proof of identity and then choose the package
In the event that the conditions for returning the balance are available is valid; (the amount Exist + the number transferred to it is not used for a period of 48 hours) as follows : Less than 1000 pounds. Bring an affidavit with the right from the court or lawyer or a report from the prosecution and hand it over to the nearest customer care center. More than 1000 right affidavits from the court or lawyer and handing them over to the nearest customer care center.
Visit nearest customer care center to you and verify the ownership of the number through proof of identity and make a waiver by filling out the form , or bring a power of attorney from a lawyer or a statement from the court..

Fixed lines

Bring a housing certificate, or lease contract and personal identification to the landlord in the event of rent, after ensuring that the service is available in the area to nearest customer care center.
Subscribers who are currently active in any package will complete their remaining subscription period and after it ends, they will be transferred to the new basic package.

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