Nawraniyat is an Islamic Video-On-Demand web portal with a huge International library of a wide options of more than 250 different Islamic videos that can be watched over any device (Mobile, tablet, PC…etc.) at any time only for 2 SDG per day

How to subscribe:
  • Enter the platform through the link and click the subscribe button from the home page.
  • You will receive a short message from Sudani containing the confirmation code, please enter it in the space provided on the site to complete the subscription process.
  • Subscription success – enjoy your favorite Games catalog content on Portal.
How to cancel a subscription
  • To cancel a subscription to the service from within the platform, select the unsubscribe button and make sure that the service has been canceled.
  • Upon canceling the subscription, a short message will be received from Sudani
    Then add “اشترك الآن” button that redirects to subscription page (
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