About us



Sudani is the main operator of Sudatel Group (operating in Sudan), which contributes 64% of Group's operating revenues. Sudani was established in 2006 and provides fixed and mobile (2G, 3G and 4G+) services with its wire and wireless infrastructure, making it the only operator in Sudan to provide these services together. Sudani is the first telecom company in the region that launches the 4G+ technology and now offers all the services offered by its competitors. Sudani services are well insured in many cities and rural areas, with wider coverage.

The development and sustained growth of Sudani has had a significant impact towards the Group to expand into telecommunications in West Africa.

Sudani as part of Sudatel aims to adopt community responsibility as an integrated management approach in its strategy and harness ICT to serve the community through its vision that stems from the noble moral values.



To be the leading ICT provider in the region.


Innovate extraordinary ICT services to better peoples’ lives everywhere, achieve remarkable value for all stakeholders and inspire talent across the entire organization to proudly lead with excellence.



  • Maximize shareholder equity and community development
  • Maintain financial performance and distinctive growth
  • Adopt efficient and flexible practices within the organization that benefit both clients and employees
  • Provide solutions and services that enrich people's lives


  • Urgent Response: We are committed to doing our job as quickly as possible
  • Transparency: We believe that clarity is the foundation of trust we seek.
  •  Diversity: We accept difference and welcome variation
  • Evolution: We are ready to change and to create distinctive solutions
  • Communication: Communicate in a spirit of interest and appreciation


We are convinced that the company's sustainability, competitiveness and financial profitability will be achieved by strengthening the financial perspective, transforming the business model and improving customer service. This approach is based on the main focus; creation of a solid partnership with all shareholders. These are our subscribers and their community, our employees, our investors, our suppliers, and of course, the government and regulators.
Our 2020 Strategy focuses on transforming from a traditional telecom operator to becoming an ICT provider, a vision we can achieve by focusing on all aspects and stakeholders of the organization. To achieve our goal, STG will adopt certain themes.