Dedicated Internet


Dedicated Internet

The Internet Broadband service is developed for corporate, ISPs and other service operators, to provide a standard, good value, flat-rate Internet access service at higher speeds, over fiber and copper cables.

Internet Broadband offers premium Internet connectivity and a guaranteed bandwidth from the end user location to the Internet network. It is a higher speed broadband service, providing symmetrical upstream/downstream line rates starting from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps.



High speed connectivity;
Unlimited traffic

Flat monthly fee, irrespective of the traffic volume;

24/7 service availability

Resulting from pro-active monitoring of the network;

High efficiency

The service can be used simultaneously for various applications (browsing, video conference, files upload/download, corporate e-mail, intranet, extranet, distance learning, VPNs);


The service bandwidth can be easily upgraded to meet the end user's needs.

Available bandwidths and packages

Other bandwidths may be available on demand, after a technical feasibility study.

Other services included:

  • Allocation of IP addresses from Sudatel classes: Allocation of public IP addresses from Sudatel
  • NAT – IP addresses translation: This supplementary service is available only bundled with Internet Access service and consists in the translation of customer private IP addresses to one or more public IP addresses from Sudatel classes.
  • DNS services;
  • • A Back-up line can be installed using two distinct last-mile links.


Access Methods
  • Access over copper: SHDSL (limited bandwidth)
  • Access over Fiber Optic: Ethernet
  • Access over wireless
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