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S-Pay is a payment service that allows customers to pay for Apps, games, and online content directly from their phones, by having the purchased amount directly added to their mobile bill or deducted from their prepaid account.

How to use S-Pay Payment:
· Select the content of your choice from a range of available services, then choose the S-Pay payment option
· A payment screen will pop up, follow instructions to confirm purchased services
· You will receive a confirmation message with the total amount and a verification code
· Total amount will be added to your bill or deducted from your prepaid balance


Digital Services Apps:

Service Name   Description Price  Download URL

The service offers users access to ylant3lm E-learning app to download and enjoy unlimited lectures of high school certificate contents (video, exam Pdf) during the subscription period


Al3aby Club is a diverse gaming portal that includes many exciting and unique games to increase the level of entertainment and enjoyment for Sudani subscribers in the new digital world. 1sdg/day

The service offers student of higher certificate for know their result for primery and secoundry school 


10 sdg


​Get access to the most popular games of all time. Key features include; Easy Access to All Games, New Games Added Continually. Best Brands from sudagames