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SUDANI offers wide broadband internet access through the copper fixed line network, using ADSL technology to meet all needs and satisfy, connect the line to the modem and enjoy the premium DSL packages Super or Super Plus

• High browsing speeds due to the use of cooper cables that limit signal lose.
• The cooper line can be used for calls and internet service at the same time.
• Secure lines
• Free line fixing and activation.
• The service can be transferred inside and outside the telecommunication station.
• You can upgrade or downgrade the selected packages.
• The service can be frozen freely.
• You can check and pay ADSL bill through Sudani mobile by calling to *100#
Service availability:
Sudani DSL service is available all over Sudan in the areas covered by cooper network or data service telecommunication stations. You can check service availability by calling customer care service or call from Sudani network the free number “18013333” or you can call 0183476863 from other operators

Super package

Super packages :
High speeds suitable for…

Super PLUS package

Super Plus:
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