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Gorooshi Service

Gorooshi is a mobile money service provided by Sudani, that enable customers to manage their account through their feature or smart phone using the code *111#.
The mobile money account allows customers to perform several financial transactions that include purchase transactions from Gorooshi points of sale, money transfer between Gorooshi subscribers, money transfer between Gorooshi account and bank account, electricity purchase, airtime credit purchase in addition to a variety of other additional services.

Gorooshi advantages:

1. Reliable
2. Easy to use
3. High security using PIN code
4. Availability

Gorooshi packages :

 Package amount (SDG) Subscription Subscription 
  Basic Package 50,000 Self-subscription by the customer through dialing *111# for Sudani users or Gorooshi app for all network subscribers
Silver Package 150,000  Subscription is done in a Sudani customer service center or an accredited Gorooshi point of sale after presenting an ID 
Gold Package Unlimited


Gorooshi services

1. Cash deposit through Sudani shops and accredit Gorooshi points of sales.
2. Cash withdrawal through Sudani shops and accredit Gorooshi points of sales.
3. Payment and purchase transactions:
• Electricity purchase
• Purchasing from merchants and supermarkets
• Governmental payments
• Top-up and bill payment
4. Donations
5. Money transfer between Gorooshi subscribers (P2P)
6. Money transfer between Gorooshi account and bank account
7. Transaction statement issuance

How to use:
Registration is free, just dial *111# and follow the instructions. for more information contact the call center by dialing 2120.
How to setup your account:
• Dial *111# will receive SMS.
• You will receive a permanent PIN code
• Change the PIN code and you will receive confirming SMS
• Your account is ready to use.

General Guidelines
• Do not share your PIN code with any other person or entity.
• Dial *1111# to inquire about the transactions commission
• Temporary PIN is to be changed within 30 days from subscription.
• Call the call center at 2120 for any inquiries or complaints.
• The service is provided through Sudani shops and accredited Gorooshi points of sale across Sudan
Create account Through Gorooshi Application:
• Download and install Gorooshi application from the App store or Google Play Store
• Open the application and choose registration
• Enter the phone number and a password for the application and choose the bank (Faisal Islamic Bank)
• An SMS with a temporary PIN will be received
• Log in to the application and choose Account Management
• Choose Change PIN
• Enter the temporary PIN in the current PIN field
• Enter the new PIN in the NEW PIN field
• Re-enter the new PIN for confirmation in the Retype PIN field
• A confirmation will be received through SMS