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Extra Data Packages

If you are "Classic" or "Kalam Plus" subscriber & want to enjoy Sudani peerless internet service, or you are a subscriber in another postpaid package & have consumed your free montly internet quota, Just dial *444# & subscribe directly in one of our extra data packages. For more information, please refer to the below table:

                                Data Package                       Tariff                                   Allowed for
500 MB  12.64  Postpaid 3G Subscribers
1 GB 25.21 Postpaid 3G Subscribers
1GB 30.00 Postpaid 4G / LTE Subscribers
3GB 75.00 Postpaid 4G / LTE Subscribers

• The 3G Packages are: Classic, Kalam Plus, Smart, Smart Plus, Premium
• The 4G / LTE Packages are: Smart Plus LTE, Premium LTE
• All prices are in SDGs and are VAT exclusive.
• How to subscribe:

  • Dial the postpaid menu *444# .
  • Choose option 4 “Extra Packages .
  • Choose your access type (3G/ LTE) .
  • Choose the package you want to subscribe in .
  • To subscribe in one of the extra data packages, you should have credit in your main account.
  • Extra data packages are valid till end of month regardless of subscription date.
  • You can subscribe multiple times in the extra data packages.