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Sudani Prepaid

Package Gifting

Now you can gift your family and friends various packages!


A7la Youm Gifting

Raih Balak Day Gifting

Raih Balak Week Gifting

Raih Balak Month Gifting

Subscription Fees

3.66 SDG

1.982 SDG

10 SDG

129 SDG

 Subscription Code

 *6*60* receiver’snumber #


*6*5* receiver'snumber #

 *6*50* receiver'snumber #


An alternative for using the subscription code for package gifting is the USSD menu. For package gifting, dial *6# and follow the below steps:

  1. Choose the 4th option (Package Gifting)
  2. Then choose the type of the package you want to gift to your friend from the list

• Prices are VAT exclusive.
• Package fees will be deducted from the sender’s credit.
• Subscriber can’t grant a gifting package to his own number.