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Mobile money in my phone, means my money in my hand!

Mobile money service is your own account on your mobile phone, enabling you to complete your financial transactions via mobile from anywhere, anytime.

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Prepaid Packages

Rayih Balk Day

  • Internet
  • 30 MB
  • Valid for
  • One day
ريح بالك يوم
  • 30 minutes on-line call
  • Valid for one day
  • To subscribe
  • *1#
SDG 57.75

Rayih Balk Week

  • Internet
  • 250 MB
  • Valid for
  • One week
ريح بالك اسبوع
  • 250 minutes on-line call
  • Valid for one week
  • To subscribe
  • *5#
SDG 332.26

Rayih Balk Month

  • Internet
  • 3 GB
  • Valid for
  • One month
ريح بالك شهر
  • 2500 دقيقة اتصال داخل الشبكة
  • Valid for 30 days
  • To subscribe
  • *50#
SDG 2494.83
It's very simple

Switch from 3G to 4G

Transfer your 3G to 4G now via *4*400#

  • Internet speed in the fourth generation network is up to 100 mbps.
  • Provide high-definition audio and video calling, and video streaming services without the need for data buffering.
  • Better experience playing online games.
  • Download at high speed, as well as advanced services for cloud computing and others
4G Packages
Ana Sudani

Yesterday's pride, today's almighty and tomorrow's hope!

Prepaid Packages

Free minutes inside Sudani network and discounted tariffs for calling outside the network.

Subscribe now and enjoy free minutes and bonus credit.

Prepaid Packages

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