Voice Mail

Stay in constant contact even in the absence of access to you or when you cannot for one reason or another to respond to calls. With the voice mail service your callers could leave audio messages in your inbox. This service allows you to keeping voice mails and listening to them very easily and whenever you like to.


  • Privacy and security of all the messages.
  • Providing a response service all time and all day.
  • Easy access to your mailbox by calling the number 0120120000 from your mobile phone.
  • Include the time and date of receipt of all voice messages.


  • Call the subscribers services Center to activate the service.

How to use

Call the number 0120120000 for the preparation of your inbox (such as the choice of language, the secret code, and the welcome message). System will guide you step by step how to prepare your inbox.

How to Transfer Calls

To transfer calls to your VoiceMail inbox, set the transfer of calls to a voice mail (0120120000).

VMS Tariff

ServiceFees Per SDG
Monthly FeesFree
Access to Voice InboxPer minute / 0.075 SDG
Dial/Send as Normal Call-