Internet Applications

Data Services

With Sudani One you can stay connected to the Internet with speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. So whether you want to check your email or simply chat online, we’ll keep you connected at the click of a button.

You can also access the Internet by using our mDSL EVDO modem, ONE Connect/HSUPA or simply through your 3G Handset.

Internet Services applications with WAP Service you can now browse the internet from your mobile phone.

For more information on service please call 120 (Sudani customer care) or visit your nearest Sudani customer care.



SUDANI Push mail

With Sudani Push mail service you no longer need to check your emails from the nearest PC or laptop, instead you’ll automatically receive all the emails on your mobile instantly whether you are inside or outside SUDAN.
Any Internet POP3 or IMAP Email such as: EIM, Gmail and AOL emails in addition to premium yahoo account can be used with this service.
You can use this service on any 3G mobile phones including J2ME, Pocket PC, Smart-phone, Windows Mobile and Symbian phones.


SUDANI WAP is a mature mobile technology that lets you browse the web. You can use SUDANI WAP to access interactive information services and applications on the web.
When you plug the SIM card into your 3G mobile for the first time, you’ll receive a message asking you to accept the WAP setting which coming soon, after your acceptation you’ll receive another message contains the WAP setting, save these settings and enjoy the service.