Sudani mDSL



Sudani mobile mDSL is a wireless broadband data service, using Evolution Data Only EVDO, which is standard for high speed wireless broadband (up to 3.1 Mb/s) provided by Sudani network. It joint the subscribers service linking networks of third-generation communications (3G) in which the common access to the Internet at high speeds in order to take advantage of all the services and applications offered by the Internet, including e-mail and browse the various sites with the freedom of movement and mobility and flexibility of use. Using sudani mobile mDSL, you can connect to the internet, corporate intranet, your e-mail, and attachments while you are away from the office at high speed Sudani mobile mDSL will give you the freedom to stay productive and connected whether you are in the road or in a meeting across the country.

Techniques used

Sudani  mDSL uses the EV-DO technology and it is one the applications of the 3rd generation technologies Telecom (3G), which provides high-speed service (up to 3.1 Mb/s) which is known as broadband speeds.

Sudani mDSL Benefits

  • High Speed (up to 3.1 Mb/s)

    Sudani mobile mDSL is the fastest wireless internet data solution, enable you quickly download complex files and view E-mail attachments.

  • Full Mobility

    Sudani mobile mDSL make you more responsive and productive while you are in customer’s location, in a taxi, in the field, any where, any time within the broadband access coverage area

  • Unlimited Download

    Sudani mobile mDSL will offer you unlimited download in term of traffic , so you will enjoy downloading all kinds of files video ,audio ,and multimedia files without any limitation or extra expenses.


    Sudani mobile mDSL is easy to setup and use.


    sudani mobile mDSL' CDMA technology provides authentication and data protection and is compatible with many Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) so your organization doesn't have to worry about compromising security


How to obtain the service

service registration customer can visit sudani sales center in Khartoum and regions.

Service bill payment through many options, through:

  1. visiting sudani sales center in Khartoum and regions.
  2. Sudani scratch cards:

    • Through the IVR by calling 121 and follow the voice instructions.
    • The website / mDSL
  3. payment by balance transfer to subscriber mDSL 01202xxxxx number

After Sale Service support

After sale service support provided by Data-net company by mDSL service support Engineers in the sales centers in Khartoum and regions.

For more informations please visit our web site Call center 0120120120

Package and Prices

Extend your range and get faster speed with Sudani mobile mDSL packages , without any limitation in volume / time usage (no extra fee for extra usage ) .sudani mobile mDSL packages is more suitable for personal use and commercials purposes at very flexible and economical price .


mDSL - unlimitted downloadPricePackage
  1 SDG 1 Hour
  5 SDG 1 day
  30 SDG 1 week
  99 SDG 1 month
  250 SDG 3 months
  850 SDG 1 year


 All above prices are inclusive of VAT