Sudani Connect



Subscription & Service Fees:

The service fee depends on your subscription package (Post-paid or Pre-paid).

Service Fees for Prepaid packages:



0.02 SDG

for every 10 KB

  • No monthly fees.
  • Full tariff is  charged  with  the  beginning of  use
  • Above fees excluding VAT.

Internet Packages:

Package Name

Free Volume

Package Duration


Package Rent


14Days 120 MB 120 MB 14 Days Allowed 9 SDG *4*5#
Month 500 MB 500 MB 30 Days Allowed 14.5 SDG *4*6#
Month 1 GB 1 GB 30 Days Allowed 26 SDG *4*7#

Month 5 GB

5 GB

30 Days


88 SDG


Month 10 GB

10 GB

30 Days


150 SDG


Month 25 GB

25 GB

30 Days


350 SDG



  •  Rayeh Balak subscribers (month – week – kalam) can join these packages
  •  Mobile internet packages subscribers can join these packages
  •  SMART subscribers can’t subscribe in these packages
  •  Multiple subscription allowed for all these packages
  •  Data packages subscribers can join all mobile internet packages
  •  Data package subscribers can join all Rayeh Balak packages including Day Net
  •  Pricesexcluding VAT
  •  Packages for prepaid subscribers only


Service Fees for Postpaid package


Initial data volume

Monthly price

Extra Usage/ Gigabyte

Available services

Month – 10 GB

10 GB

90 SDG

15 SDG

Data only

Month – 20 GB

20 GB

150 SDG

15 SDG

Data only

Month – 30 GB

30 GB

255 SDG

15 SDG

Data only

Above fees excluding VAT.

After Sales Services:

Service is available at our Sudani customer care points; our qualified engineers are ready to support you.

Service Definition

SUDANI ONE CONNECT offers you a world of wireless internet connections, based on 3.75G technology, whether you are using your Mobile or Laptop, with speeds up to 7.2 Mb/s. They are specially customized to provide convenient and flexible Internet access, anytime and anywhere.
When you insert the SIM card into a 3G handset for the first time, you will receive a service setting message, save it and you will be able to automatically enjoy the service.
Also you can enjoy the service on your PC or laptop by using Sudani Connect modem.


Sudani Connect offers high speed internet (Wireless Broadband) using HSUPA technology over 3.75G networks.

Sudani Connect Features

  • High speed internet connection (up to 7.2 Mb/s).
  • Full mobility.
  • Able to use all internet applications (games, shopping, multimedia)

Terminals & Devices

You can enjoy the service on your mobile phone (if it supports 3G services), or via your PC & laptop using Sudani  Connect modem.
Sudani  Connect modem with USB port is plug & play.
Modem price is 250 SDG. (Including VAT) with SIM card (data only) include free 5 GB valid for 30 days after activation