Team Connect


PTT (Push to Talk) & Trunking service is a special service, which assigned for the corporate sector only, from SUDANI network. With this service, the corporate can configure its own mobile phone network; can connect all the staff numbers in a private network, in a main group, and this main group can be divided into different numbers of subgroups.

PTT (Push to Talk) Based on CDMA technology that offers a very cost-effective solution for all telecommunication needs. All the voice and data services provided by the PSTNT network, could be provide by SUDANI network. The advantages of CDMA versus other technologies are the security, fine voice quality, green handset, supporting 3G … etc.

CDMA Advantegs

  • Fine voice quality.
  • 3G Based.
  • High Security.
  • Green Handset with High Voice Quality.
  • Smooth Intercall with other operators.
  • Provide Full Coverage (inside building, lift)
  • Abundant Customer Solution (VPN, F&F, Gota, …etc)

Basic Services

  • Normal Voice Call
  • Short Message Service (SMS)
  • Multi-Media Service (MMS)
  • Voice Mail Service (VMS)
  • High Speed Data Service.

Additional Services

  • CLIP Caller line identification presentation
  • 3WC Three Way Call
  • CW Call Waiting
  • CFU Call Forwarding Unconditional
  • CFB Call Forwarding on subscriber Busy
  • CFNA Call Forwarding on No Answer
  • CFD Call Forwarding on Default
  • BAOC Barring of All Outgoing Calls
  • BOIC Barring of all Outgoing International Calls
  • BAIC Barring of All Incoming Calls
  • Fax Fax Service
  • LBS Location Base Service
  • Roaming National Roaming


This service is a Half-Duplex service, and deployed over our SUDANI network, which is CDMA network (3G network).

Service’s features

This service provided by a special type of handsets, which support the PTT calls and the normal voice call.

  • Team Connect is the brand name for SUDANI Trunking & PTT system.
  • Trunking is a half-duplex and channel-sharing system to provide instant and effective dispatching-services to corporate users.
  • PTT is (Push To Talk), and it’s one off the major Trunking functions.
  • Features:
    • Instant system access.
    • Forward traffic channel shared by all group members.
    • Half-duplex, Push To talk.
    • Supporting Group Call, Private Call and Broadcast Call.
    • Push PTT button while talking or making call.
    • No need to operate the phone for answering call.

SUDANI Team Connect Basic services

  • Beside all the normal mobile services (voice, sms, mms, vms, …etc), SUDANI Trunking & PTT system provide the below basic services.
  • Group Call (one to many).
  • Private Call (one to one).
  • Broadcast Call (one to many).

Supplementary services

  • Service Priority.
  • Late-Entry.
  • Floor Management.
  • Talking Time Limitation.
  • Short Number Dialing.
  • Function Number.
  • Group Management.
  • Emergency Call.
  • Group Priority.

Service coverage

The service is available whole over SUDANI network, in two separate zones:

  1. Greater Khartoum.
  2. All the regions.

Service application

Service requests from Corporate sales point, at Khartoum 2 beside Ozone , Tel: 6120 (sudani-Thabit) 0120120120 from other operators. Khartoum. Also you can request it from the Regions HQ’s sale points.

How to charge

By visiting any SUDANI sales point.

Service centre in Khartoum

Corporate sales point, at Khartoum 2 beside Ozone , Tel: 6120 (sudani-Thabit) 0120120120 from other operators.

Service center in the regions

SUDANI sale points

After Sales services

  1. For GoTa handsets (ZTE), the after sales services will be provided by Asim & Asim Company, ZTE local agent. Location: Khartoum 2 Catreena Street.
  2. For TruStar handset (HUAWEI)

For more information you can contact our call center (120120120) For the corporate, they can call (970 / 83-766699)

Team Connect Offer Monthly Rent / SDG   
Team Connect - Push to talk40 SDGper number  
 30 SDGmin 100 numbers  
Team Connect (VPN - Free Calls)20 SDGper number