Sudani Mobile Office



It is a special service, Wireless Wan solution enable link users, corporate within their own networks, using sudani network coverage, after controlling peripheral devices with the headquarters of the organization.

It can also use this service to link the networks of local sub-network of major organization, such as the linking of reserve and redundancy, or if the link could not be normal.

Through this group of corporate (banks - companies - organizations -) of the multicast data through the (Wireless Network) which is linked to branches of these corporate , the main office or branch using (VPDN) (Virtual Private Dialup Network) through Sudani network by using combined: EVDO .

Beneficiaries of the service:

Banks - companies - organizations - ministries - (corporate service).

How the service work:

Service works on three axes, and each axis is set in a particular configuration:

  1. Sudani network: The first carrier of the data for the (SMO) service.
  2. Sudatel network: linking the service users to their networks via the major sudatel network.
  3. The corporate network.

Characteristics and advantages of the service:

  • Enable the link between Branches of organizations (Wireless Wan solution).
  • Uses in electronic commerce services (POS).
  • Mobile payment applications (ATM Payment).
  • Multicast broker network information and news.
  • Intermediate multicast networks, and scientific research.
  • Entry from the dimension of the central sources of information.
  • Transfer was up to conferences and lectures on the dimension.
  • Correspondence and the exchange of files and folders.
  • No limitations in use 24 hours a day.
  • Flexibility in using the service, no need to connect via cable.
  • Save effort and expenditure.
  • Provide service and equipment at reasonable prices.

The availability of the service:

The Service is available in all areas covered by Sudani network (Khartoum and all major cities).

How to obtain service:

To apply to the service customer can visit sudani corporate sales center.